Vendor Opportunities

Penny King offers customizable revenue share opportunities for our clients. We want to help drive your visitor revenue and be a partner in your success.

In four easy steps you can have a Penny King machine on site and enjoy an additional
revenue stream for your business.

Step 1: Sign up for Penny King’s revenue share program.
Step 2: Determine the ideal number of machines for your location.
Step 3: Sign off on the artwork unique to your machines.
Step 4: Once your machine has arrived, your visitors will enjoy making their Penny King keepsakes.

Start to finish, you can have a Penny King machine selling pressed pennies for $1/purchase in a few weeks!

Installing a Penny King machine on site is a no-risk opportunity for your business. You’re only responsible for keeping the machine loaded with supplied pennies waiting to be pressed and collecting the revenue.

5 No-Risk Reasons to Try Penny King:
1) No cost – this is a win-win revenue share arrangement
2) We create the graphic content
3) We manage any and all service issues right away
4) We support your business through value-add promotional activities
5) YOU collect the revenue and forward Penny King the appropriate portion of the collected funds

No risk, fast turnaround, low-maintenance, steady revenue. It’s just as easy as that. Learn more about Penny King machines and the unique advantages they offer. Contact us today to put the Penny King revenue machine to work for you!